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[[Category:MTV Movie Award Winners]]
[[Category:MTV Movie Award Winners]]
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[[Category:People who died in a Django film]]
[[Category:Actors who died in Zoë Bell Movies]]

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Zoe Bell in Raze

Zoë Bell (1978 - )

Stunt Performer and Actress.

Film Deaths

  • Grindhouse (Planet Terror) (2007) [Zoë Bell/Sicko]: Playing a dual role in the two segments of the film, "Sicko" is shot in the head by Freddy Rodriguez as she and the other zombies approach him (in the Planet Terror segment). In the audio commentary of the Planet Terror Special Edition DVD, director Robert Rodriguez points out which one she is when she gets shot. (Playing herself in the Death Proof segment, she survives that part of the movie.)
  • Gamer (2009) [Sandra]: Shot in the head by a sniper (blowing her head off) in the "game" battle zone.
  • Game Of Death (2010) [Floria]: Shot to death in a shoot out with Wesley Snipes; her body is shown again afterwards when a SWAT team enters the room.
    Baytown Outlaws * In the Bar-0

    Baytown Outlaws * In the Bar-0

  • Raze (2013) [Sabrina]: Shot in the back by Jordan James Smith while running across a bridge. (The US DVD includes a deleted "epilogue" scene in the bonus features, in which Zoe's body is served at a banquet for the secret society that operates the death-matches.)
  • The Hateful Eight (2015) [Six-Horse Judy]: Shot to death by Michael Madsen.

TV Deaths

  • Lost: Ji Yeon (2009) [Regina]: Commits suicide by jumping over board from a freighter. (Thanks to Matt)


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