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  • Not Listed on Original Cinemorgue
  • Canadian actors and actresses
  • 1970 Births
  • Death scenes by slit wrists
  • Death scenes by zombie attack
  • Death scenes by impalement
  • Death scenes by explosion
  • Death scenes by crushing
  • Death scenes by shooting
  • Death scenes by slit throat
  • Death scenes by robot attack
  • Death scenes by animal attack
  • Ghost scenes
  • Death scenes by murder
  • Death scenes by slashing
  • People who died in a Friday the 13th film
  • People who died in a Nightmare on Elm Street film
  • Death scenes by male killer
  • People who died in a Terminator film
  • Death scenes by teen killer
  • Deaths in the CSI universe
  • Death scenes by blood loss
  • Death scenes by brainwashed character
  • Off-screen deaths
  • Deaths in the New Line Cinema universe
  • Actors who died in Uwe Boll Movies
  • Actors who died in Michael Bay Movies
  • People who died in a Transformers film
  • People who died in a Resident Evil film
  • People who died in a Freddy vs Jason film
  • Horror Stars
  • Sci-Fi Stars
  • Thriller Stars
  • Crime Stars
  • Comedy Stars
  • Paramount Stars
  • Child Actors
  • Redheads
  • Death scenes by burning
  • People who died in the Charmedverse
  • Drama Stars
  • People who died in a Cold Case series
  • American Horror Story Cast Members
  • People who died in a American Horror Story series
  • Death scenes by accident
  • Death scenes by female killer
  • Apocalypse Stars
  • Friday the 13th Cast Members
  • Slasher Stars
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Cast Members
  • Transformers Cast Members
  • The Mentalist Cast Members
  • Actors who died in Ronny Yu Movies
  • Death scenes in video game
  • CSI: Miami Cast Members
  • Actors who died in a Steven Spielberg film
  • Deaths in CSI: NY
  • Actors who died in a David S. Goyer movie
  • Death scenes by hook
  • People murdered by Freddy Krueger
  • Profiler Cast Members
  • Actors with 10 or more deaths
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