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Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story: Rubber Man

Zachary Quinto (1977 - )

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Heroes: The Eclipse, Part 2 (2008) [Gabriel Gray/Sylar]: Briefly killed when Jack Coleman slits Zachary's throat with a box cutter during the eclipse as Kristen Bell looks on. (Once the eclipse passes, Zachary's superpowers are restored and his accelerated healing brings him back to life.)
  • Heroes: Dual (2009) [Gabriel Gray/Sylar]: Briefly killed when Hayden Panettiere stabs him in the back of the head with a shard of glass while Zachary is talking to Hayden's grandmother (Cristine Rose) (The glass melts due to Jessalyn Gilsig causing an explosion with her unstable fire powers and Zachary's accelerated healing brings him back to life.)
  • Heroes: Into Asylum (2009) [Sylar/James Martin]: Playing a dual role as Sylar and a shapeshifter impersonating him, James is killed (off-screen) by the real Zachary so that he can take James' shapeshifting powers and fake his death.
  • American Horror Story: Rubber Man (2011) [Chad Warwick]: Shot in the chest by Evan Peters, who sets it up to look like Zachary shot himself after killing Teddy Sears. (The earlier episode Halloween Part 1 depicted the start of Evan's assault on Zachary and Teddy, and it appeared in that episode that Evan snapped Zachary's neck; however, this episode reveals that was a non-fatal injury.) Zachary appears as a ghost in several episodes throughout the first season. (Thanks to Lauren and Tommy)
  • American Horror Story: Asylum: Spilt Milk (2013) [Dr. Oliver Thredson]: Shot in the back of the head by Sarah Paulson as he waits for the police to arrest him. (Thanks to Frank, Lauren, and Tommy)
  • Hannibal: Antipasto (2015) [Neal Frank]: Murdered (off screen, methods unclear) by Gillian Anderson years before the main story of the episode; his dead body is seen in a brief flashback moments after the attack as Mads Mikkelsen discovers Anderson lying next to it. (In a later episode, we see that he was killed by Gillian ripping his tongue out during one of his seizures).

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