Zach Villa (19?? - )

Zach Villa in American Horror Story: 1984: True Killers

Film Death:[edit | edit source]

  • Destroyer (2018) [Arturo]: Shot repeatedly to death by Nicole Kidman.

Television Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • American Horror Story: 1984: True Killers (2019) [Richard Ramirez]: Impaled through the back of the mouth on a tree branch by John Carroll Lynch; He is resurrected by Satan at the end of the episode as Angelica Ross looks on.
  • American Horror Story: 1984: Final Girl (2019) [Richard Ramirez]: After being brutally stabbed by the ghosts,his throat is cut by Billie Lourd. Then he is killed for the whole eternity. He manages to escape with help of Satan, but returns to the same fate shortly after. This to prevent Zach from leaving the camp. Here is the list of the murders on screen:
    • Stabbed in the head by Gus Kenworthy with a knife after DeRon Horton broke his legs with a hammer.
    • Stabbed in the eyes by Kat Solko and Emma Meisel with a pair of stakes.
    • Killed with a chainsaw by Cody Fern.
    • Killed (off-screen) by Tara Karsian and/or Gus Kenworthy. We only see his body after being murdered. He is resurrected by Satan in this scene. (Before, Tara makes a comment that it is taking him time to wake up, so it's presumable that Tara and/or Gus killed him before this one).
    • Killed by Gus Kenworthy (with a axe) and Tara Karsian (with a kitchen mallet) while DeRon Horton and Billie Lourd kick him to protectFinn Wittrock .
    • Killed by the ghosts with different weapons to protect Finn as Billie tells him never to come back.
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