Yoshio Tsuchiya (1927 - 2017)

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Yoshio Tsuchiya in Destroy All Monsters

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Mysterians (1957) [Mysterians Leader]: Blown up by B (Beta).
  • Battle in Outer Space (1959) [Koichi Iwomura]: Shot by Natarls.
  • The Human Vapor (1960) [Human Vapor / Mizuno]: Blown up by Bomb set by terrorists.
  • Matango (1963) [Masafumi Kasai]: Killed by the Matango.
  • Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965) [Captain Kawai]: Killed by the Baragon.
  • Invasion of Astro-Monster (Godzilla vs. Monster Zero) (1965) [Commander of Planet X]: Blown up inside his UFO by the army after learning they’re evil.
  • Destroy All Monsters (1968) [Dr. Otani]: Being mind-controlled by the aliens, he jumps off the balcony to avoid being questioned. His body is later shown during an autopsy. 
  • Kill! (Kiru) (1968) [Shinroku Matsuo]: Accidentally stabbed by Etsushi Takahashi when Etsushi was trying to stab Tatsuya Nakadai.
  • Zatoichi in Desperation (Shin Zatôichi monogatari: Oreta tsue) (1972) [Superintendant Shobei]: Hangs himself off-screen.
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) [Yasuaki Shindo]: Explosion by Godzilla.


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