Yasuaki Kurata (1946 -)


Yasuaki Kurata in So Close

Film DeathsEdit

  • Eastern Condor (Dung fong tuk ying) (1987) [General's elite soldier ] Hung by Biao Yuen via a metal chain.
  • So Close (Chik yeung tin si) (2002) [Master]: Stabbed to death at the end of a swordfight with Karen Mok and Zhao Wei.
  • Shinjuku Incident (2007) [Taro Watagawa] Shot to death by Jackie Chan.
  • God of War (2017) [Commander Kumasawa]: Commits seppuku after suffering multiple wounds in his duel with General Jiguang Qi (Vincent Wenzhuo Zhao).
  • Manhunt (2017) [Hideo Sakaguchi]: Commits suicide to prevent himself from killing Du Qiu (Hanyu Zhang) and others in a moment of clarity after being brainwashed.


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