Xing Yu(1978 -)

Mr Beaten

Xing Yu in Flashpoint

Film DeathsEdit

  • Kung Fu Hustle (Kung Fu) (2004) [Coolie]: Decapitated with a flying blade in an alley by either Harpist #1 Kang Xi Jia or Harpist #2 Hark-On Fung
  • Fatal Contact (Hak kuen) (2006) [King]: Murdered by Ken Lo off-screen for losing in a fight to Jacky Wu. We only see his body after Ken leaves the room they both were in.
  • Flashpoint (Dou fo sin) (2007) [Tiger]: Beaten to death by Donnie Yen.
  • IP Man (Yip Man) (2008) [Master Zealot Lam]: Beaten to death by Japanese soldiers.
  • Bodyguards and Assassins (Shi yue wei cheng) (2009) [Qing assassin]: Kills himself by blowing himself up with dynamite.
  • Shaolin (San Siu Lam Zi) (2011) [Chingkung]: Murdered when the temple is attacked.
  • The White Storm (Sao du) (2013) [Cheung Tsz-wai]: Machine gunned to death by Hoi-Pang Lo.
  • The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Zhi qu weihu shan) (2014) [Drug Dealer]: Shot to death by the police during a drug deal bust. 
  • Call of Heroes (Wei Cheng) (2016) [Wong Wai-fu]: Strangled to death with a whip by Ching Wan Lau.
  • Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018) [Fu]: Killed in a fight against Dave Bautista.


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