Xander Berkeley in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Xander Berkeley (1955 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Omega Syndrome (1987) [Criminal] Shot in the chest. 
  • Walker (1987) [Byron Cole]: Hit on the head with a rock by a villager when Xander tries to steal a horse during the revolution. (It was difficult to tell who was who in all the chaos, but I think it was Xander in this scene.)
  • Deadly Dreams (1988) [Jack Torme]: Throat slit by Juliette Cummins, who reveals herself to be the masked killer.
  • Short Time (1990) [Carl Stark]: Falls to his death from a window-washing platform at the end of a fight with Dabney Coleman.
  • Not of This World (1991) [Bruce MacNamara]: Electrocuted by the alien when he gets into bed, not knowing the entity is already under the covers.
  • Candyman (1992) [Trevor Lyle]: Slashed to death with a hook by Virginia Madsen in his bathroom, after he inadvertently summons up her ghost by saying her name five times in front of the mirror.
  • The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag (1992) [Mr. Marchat]: Stabbed in the head by William Forsythe.
  • Dead to Rights (Donato and Daughter; Under Threat) (1993) [Russ Loring]: Shot to death by Charles Bronson, after Dana Delany breaks away from Xander while Xander is holding her hostage.
  • Caroline at Midnight (1994) [Joey Szabo]: Killed by one of Tim Daly’s corrupt cops.
  • Poison Ivy II: Lily (1995) [Donald Falk]: Falls out of a window during a struggle with Alyssa Milano.
  • Persons Unknown (1996) [Tosh]: Killed by J.T. Walsh or one of his henchmen off-screen. The body is never seen though if I remember correctly.
  • Within the Rock (1996) [Ryan]: Mauled to death by the alien during a struggle with his fellow crew members, after previously being thought dead.
  • The Killing Jar (1997) [Danny 'Figaretto' Evans]: Shot to death with his own shotgun by Tamlyn Tomita after she gets suspicious of Xander's unusual behavior and when he unexpectedly shoots Brett Cullen in the chest as Cullen tries to warn Tomita.
  • Universal Soldier: The Return (1999) [Dr. Dylan Cotner]: Killed though electrocution from a power surge caused by Michael Jai White. The resulting last bashes Xander's face through a control panel.
  • Shanghai Noon (2000) [Nathan Van Cleef]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Owen Wilson in a church.
  • Year One (2009) [King]: Stabbed to death off-camera by Vinnie Jones and the other guards after they commit a mutiny against Xander. Vinnie was last seen drawing his sword.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • V: Breakout (1985) [Isaac Henley]: Eaten by a sandshark as he walks across a sandpit in the Visitors' concentration camp.
  • Miami Vice: Like a Hurricane (1987) [Tommy Lowe]: Killed in a car bomb Explosion due to a hidden bomb disguised as a tape it will activate when connecting to the car radio, the tape was send to him by Bob Gerchen and Tony Hendra for refusing to go to jail to silence him.
  • L.A. Takedown (L.A. Crimewave / Made in L.A.) (1989) [Waingrow]: Knocked out of a window from building by Scott Plank. (See also Kevin Gage in the 1995 version.)
  • Dillinger (1991 TV) [Copeland]: Gunned down in the streets by other mobsters after being released from prison (I don't recall why but I seem to remember it being because he snitched on Mark Harmon and Co.)
  • Netforce (1999 TV) [Bo Tyler]: Shot to death by Scott Bakula after a seemingly dead Xander opens fire on Scott after being caught in an explosion.
  • 24: Day 2: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (2003) [George Mason]: Killed in an plane explosion (combined with dying of radiation posioning) when he deliberately crashes the plane carrying the terrorists' nuclear bomb into a "safe" unpopulated area of the desert (with his body being vaporized in the resulting atomic blast). The flash of the detonation Is seen after Kiefer Sutherland parachutes to safety with the explosion later seen as C.T.U members watch live satellite feed.

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