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William Sadler in Tales from the Crypt; The Man Who Was Death.

William Sadler (1950 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Hard To Kill (1990) [Senator Vernon Trent]: Although he survives the film there is an alternative ending in which he is burned to death after being thrown into his own lit fireplace having been impaled on a poker during a struggle with Steven Seagal.
  • Rush (1991) [Monroe]: Presumably killed when Jason Patric rams his head repeatedly against some prison bars as he tries to choke Jennifer Jason Leigh through the jail cell (though I don't know any other details it's unclear if he died or not).
  • Solo (1996) [Colonel Frank Manning/Improved Solo]: Playing a dual role, "Manning's" neck is snapped by “Improved Solo.”; "Improved Solo's" skull is crushed by Mario Van Peebles, on top of being severely wounded when Mario puts an explosive charge in William's side.
  • Disturbing Behavior (1998) [Dorian Newberry]: Commits suicide/sacrifices himself by driving his truck over the dam in order to destroy all of the mind-altered "Blue Ribbon" students.
  • The Hills Run Red (2009) [Concannon]: Stabbed to death by Danko Jordanov when Tad Hilgenbrink encourages Danko to kill William.

TV Deaths[]

  • Two Fisted Tales (1991 TV) [Mr. Rush]: Killed in an explosion after pulling the pin from a grenade in an attempt to kill the viewing audience (Played for Comic Effect).
  • Park Avenue: Lazarus (2013) [Nate McKenny]: Killed by Misha Kuznetsov with his body then being absorbed into the building by the lost souls of the drake.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn: The Take (2014) [Big Jim]: Shot to death by D.J Cotrona and Zane Holtz in a parallel reality after D.J and Zane enter in "The Labyrinth". (Not sure if it counts as a "Death scene" but is the only time that William appears in the whole series).
  • Z Nation: Zombie Road (2015) [Sam Custer] Brains eaten by a blaster zombie off-screen. We just see the blood splatter on his truck. His truck then explodes in the distance.