William Knight (1933 - )

Movie DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Wolf's Rain: Fallen Wolves (2003; anime) [Gramps]: Dies of old age/exhaustion.
  • Gungrave: Remorse (2004; anime) [Dr. Tokioka]: Impaled by one of Balladbird Lee's (Steven Jay Blum) blades as he shields Mika (Kari Wahlgren) from them. After Brandon/Grave (Kirk Thornton) kills Lee with the Anti-Superior bullets, the dying Tokioka gives him a week's supply of blood, enough for him to take on the remaining Millennion executives, expiring from his wound shortly after.
  • Naruto Shippuden: Danzo Shimura (2013; anime) [Danzo Shimura]: After holding Karin (Ali Hillis) hostage, he attempts to use Shisui's (Nicolas Roye) Sharingan on Sasuke (Yuri Lowenthal), all the while talking about his will to survive. When Karin called for Sasuke to help her, Sasuke, at this point driven completely insane by the Uchiha Curse of Hatred, responds by impaling both Karin and Danzo with his Chidori. When Obito (Neil Kaplan) and Sasuke corner the dying Danzo, Danzo uses a Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu in a vain attempt to kill them both, dying in the process.


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