William Devane in Payback

William Devane (1939 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Testament (1983) [Tom Wetherly]: Implied to have died off-screen in a nuclear attack. His death is revealed when his wife (Jane Alexander) finds a message he left on her answering machine saying that he had decided to stay overnight in the city that would be destroyed by the blast.
  • Hollow Man (2000) [Dr. Howard Kramer]: Drowned in his swimming pool by the invisible Kevin Bacon (after he is shoved in and throttled underwater).
  • Deceit (2004) [Grove McCarthy]: Stabbed in the neck with a hook by his daughter (Emily Barclay) while he's raping her; Marlo Thomas then shoots his body with a shotgun to cover up the cause of death. The murder is shown in a flashback towards the end of the movie.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981) [Major Phil Clark]: Killed in a plane crash during a war-game training exercise. (Thanks to Tony)
  • Murder C.O.D. (1990; TV) [Alex Brandt]: Shot to death by Patrick Duffy through the window of a restaurant. (Thanks to Drew)
  • Leprechaun's Revenge (Red Clover) (2012; TV) [Pop O'Hara]: Throat slit during a struggle with the Leprechaun (Kevin Mangold); he dies after speaking to Courtney Halverson.

Gallery Edit

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