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William Bendix in Lifeboat

William Bendix (1906 - 1964)

Film Deaths[]

  • Wake Island (1942) [Private Aloysius K. 'Smacksie' Randall]: Dies from a grenade explosion in a battle with Japanese soldiers.
  • The Dark Corner (1946) [Stauffer, a.k.a. Fred Foss]: Pushed out of a skyscraper window when Clifton Webb jabs him with an umbrella. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Babe Ruth Story (1948) [George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr.]: Dies from throat cancer on Monday, August 16th, 1948 after a breakthrough procedure fails to save his life.
  • Streets of Laredo (1949) [Reuben 'Wahoo' Jones]: Shot to death by MacDonald Carey when Macdonald fires from under the table. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Blackbeard the Pirate (1952) [Ben Worley]: Shot to death (off-camera) during a struggle with Robert Newton after William goes into Robert's cabin; we hear the shot from outside, but it's not revealed who was shot until Robert emerges from the cabin. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Macao (1952) [Lawrence Trumble]: Stabbed in the back when Philip Ahn throws a knife at him, after mistaking him for Robert Mitchum. He dies shortly afterwards while talking to Robert. (Thanks to Dignan)
  • The Deep Six (1958) [Frenchy Shapiro]: Shot by Japanese soldiers; he dies shortly afterwards as Alan Ladd tries to take him back to the ship.
  • The Rough And The Smooth (Portrait Of A Sinner) (1959) [Reg Barker]: Commits suicide offscreen by shooting himself. We find out when newspapers report the death. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths[]

  • Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Time Element (1958) [Peter Jenson]: Shot to death by a Japanese plane during the attack on Pearl Harbor, after he goes in time to try to warn everyone.

Notable connections[]

  • Mr. Theresa Stefanotti.
  • Descendant of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (composer).