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Will Friedle (1976 - )

Film Deaths[]

None known.

TV Deaths[]

  • Boy Meets World: And then there was Shawn (1998) [Eric Matthews]: Crushed to death by several books that Rider Strong throws on top of him while speaking to Jennifer Love Hewitt. His and her body are later discovered by the others. The whole episode turn out to be Rider's Daydream.
  • Boy Meets World: The Psychotic Episode (1999) [Eric Matthews]: Jumps to his death down an empty elevator shift after his brother (Ben Savage) shoves Maitland Ward down the Elevator Shaft. The scene was just a dream Ben was having. Will is still alive.
  • Kim Possible: Rewriting History (2004; animated) [Jon Stoppable/Ron Stoppable]: Voicing both Ancestor and Descendant: Jon die sometime around the past, he only appears in flashbacks. Ron Lives!
  • Justice League Unlimited: The Once And Future Thing Part II: Time Warped (2005; animated) [Terry McGinnis/Batman]: Electrocuted to death by the DeeDees (Melissa Joan Hart) with electric whips after being shot by some British soldiers. Will's death is undone after Peter MacNicol is defeated.
  • ThunderCats: Legacy (2011; animated) [Lion-O/Leo]: Voicing both ancestor and descendant: Leo die sometime around the past, he only appears in flashbacks. Lion-O lives!
  • ThunderCats: Trials Of Lion-O Part 1 (2012; animated) [Lion-O]: Kicked off a cliff by Dee Bradley Baker where he drowns at the bottom of the ocean after being trapped under rubble. He is brought back to life by Corey Burton in the next episode after a series of trials.
  • Transformers Prime: Deadlock (2013; animated) [Bumblebee]: Blasted to death by Frank Welker with his fusion canon, he is later brought back to life by the Omega Lock.