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Wesley Snipes in King of New York

Wesley Snipes (1962 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • King of New York (1990) [Thomas Flanigan]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach under the edge of Wesley's bulletproof vest by Laurence Fishburne; he dies shortly afterwards as David Caruso attempts CPR. 
  • New Jack City (1991) [Nino Brown]: Shot in the chest by Bill Cobbs on the courthouse stairs as Ice-T looks on impassively, causing him to fall over a railing and down several flights onto the marble floor. His body is later seen as onlookers rush to his side.
  • Demolition Man (1993) [Simon Phoenix]: Shattered/decapitated when Sylvester Stallone kicks him in the head after Wesley's been frozen by cryogenic fluid.
  • Liberty Stands Still (2002) [Joe]: Commits suicide by shooting himself under the chin to avoid being arrested and reunite with his dead daughter in the afterlife; his body is shown lying on the floor afterwards when the police rush in.
  • Chaos (2005) [Lorenz/Jason York]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach/torso by Ryan Phillippe as Snipes tries to stab him with a harpoon following a fight in the docks. His body is later seen floating in the water after he falls off a pier. 
  • Brooklyn's Finest (2009) [Casanova Phillips]: Shot to death by Michael K. Williams' henchman Jas Anderson in a drive-by shooting, while Wesley is talking to Don Cheadle.
  • Armed Response (2017) [Isaac]: Electrocuted to death by the AI computer as he bangs on a window to stop Dave Annable.

TV Deaths[]