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Wentworth Miller (1972- )

Wentworth Miller LOT.PNG
Wentworth Miller right before his death in Legends of Tomorrow: Destiny.

Film Deaths:

  • Stealth (2005) [EDI]: Providing the voice of a sentient fighter jet, he sacrifices himself by crashing into a helicopter in order to save Josh Lucas and Jessica Biel (though a post credit scene shows his brain is still functioning).
  • The Loft (2014) [Luke Seacord]: Commit suicide by jumping from the balcony as James Marsden looks in horror.

TV Deaths:

  • Ghost Whisperer (2005 series)
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Destiny (2016) [Leonard Snart/Captain Cold]: Killed in an explosion when he stays behind to self-destruct the Oculus. (He makes later appearancesĀ as a figment of Dominic Purcell's imagination, as the past version of Leonard Snart before Legends and as Snart's Earth-X doppelganger, Leo Snart/Citizen Cold.)
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