Wendy Cutler (1953 - )

Video Game Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire (1998) [Erana / Sara]: Playing two roles. Erana is encountered in Hades, where the player may sacrifice a portion of his life to restore her to life. If he chooses Joyce Kurtz, Wendy's soul is returned to Hades where she is allowed to rest in peace. If revived Wendy may die again in the climax once he tells the rest of the party that one of them must sacrifice themselves to destroy the Dragon. If the player chooses not to court her, or if he does but Wendy rejects his marriage proposal, she will make the sacrifice herself. However if she does accept the Hero's hand in marriage, when Wendy offers to sacrifice herself Doug Stone will immediately take her place since he is already dead. Sara survives the game.
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