Wendy Braun in Criminal Minds: Limelight.

Wendy Braun (1970 -)

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Mass Effect (2007) [Gianna Parasini / Arcelia Silvia Martinez / Asari Constable / Female Enemies]: Depending on the player's decisions, "Gianna Parasini" will be killed (offscreen) in a gunfight with Roger Jackson while trying to arrest him - but only if the player chose to reveal her identity as an Internal Affairs agent. If the player choses to kill the Thorian-infeced colonists instead of using gas grenades, "Arcelia Silva Martinez" will end up being shot dead by the player.
  • Dragon Age (2009) [Hespith / Felsi / Filda / Lady Helmi / Brona / Sultry Dwarf Female / Blood Mage / Pearl Elf Female Companion / Orzammar Noble / Alienage Sick Elf / Tapster's Patron / Proving Fan / Dust Town Beggar / Dwarven Old Woman]: Having been partially transformed into a Darkspawn Broodmother following her betrayal by Helen Wilson , "Hespith" commits suicide by jumping off the edge of a cliff rather than complete her transformation (offscreen, though the players hear her body hitting the ground). "Brona" died many centuries prior to the events of the game, and only appears as a ghost.
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