Top: Warner Oland (with Dorothy Wilson) in Before Dawn
Bottom: Warner Oland's death in Before Dawn

Warner Oland (1879 - 1938)

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Jazz Singer (1927) [Cantor Rabinowitz]: Dies of old age/natural causes, after listening to his son (Al Jolson) sing in the temple.
  • Old San Francisco (1927) [Chris Buckwell]: Fatally injured when his nightclub collapses during the San Francisco Earthquake; he dies while trapped in the wreckage as Angelo Rossitto laughs and torments him. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (1929) [Dr. Fu Manchu]: Commits suicide by drinking poison. (note: the next film, revealed that he somehow surivived but it's clear they meant this as an actual death scene).
  • The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930) [Dr. Fu Manchu]: Drowns after falling through a trap door.
  • Dishonored (1931) [Colonel von Hindau]: Commits suicide.
  • The Drums of Jeopardy (The Mark of Terror) (1931) [Dr. Boris Karlov]: Drowned in his own flooding-basement deathtrap after Clara Blandick knocks him in.
  • Shanghai Express (1932) [Dr. Henry Chang]: Stabbed to death by Anna May Wong.
  • Before Dawn (1933) [Dr. Paul Cornelius]: Falls down the stairs and into the deep cistern at the end of a struggle with Stuart Erwin on the cellar staircase.
  • Werewolf of London (Unholy Hour) (1935) [Dr. Yogami]: Killed by Henry Hull, while Henry is in his werewolf form.
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