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[[Category:Death scenes by rapid aging]]
[[Category:Death scenes by rapid aging]]
[[Category:Death scenes by illness]]
[[Category:Death scenes by illness]]
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[[Category:Doctor Who cast members]]

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Wanda Ventham in Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

Wanda Ventham (1935 - )

Film Deaths: Edit

  • The Blood Beast Terror (The Vampire Beast Craves Blood) (1968) [Clare Mallinger]: Burned to death (while in her giant-moth form) when she flies into the flames after Peter Cushing starts a fire.

TV Deaths: Edit

  • Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl (1977) [Thea Ransome]: After being possessed by the alien consciousness and transformed into a golden-skinned "Fendahl Core" being, she is destroyed when the priory is blown up.

Noteworthy Connections: Edit

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