Walter Matthau (lying) in King Creole

Walter Matthau (1920 - 2000)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Kentuckian (1955) [Stan Bodine]: Killed, in scene but out of sight, by Douglas Spencer who knocks him down and hits him with his rifle butt. (Thanks to Brian)
  • King Creole (1958) [Maxie Fields]: Shot to death (we don't see where he's hit) when his gun goes off during a struggle with Jack Grinnage on a pier. His body is shown floating in the water afterwards.
  • Charade (1963) [Carson Dyle a.k.a. 'Mr. Bartholomew]: Falls down in a theatre when Cary Grant opens a trapdoor beneath him, just as Walter is about to shoot Audrey Hepburn. (it's not known if he dies. Hearing the dialog that he previously survived bullets, it's unlikely he did. but I'll list this in case) 
  • Mirage (1965) [Ted Caselle]: Strangled (off-screen) with a telephone cord in his office; his body is shown afterwards when Gregory Peck discovers him. (Thanks to Mac)
  • Hanging Up (2000) [Lou Mozell]: Dies in the hospital after slipping into a coma. (Thanks to Mathew)

TV Deaths:Edit

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