Walter Borden dead in 'Lexx: I Worship His Shadow'

Walter Borden (1942 - )

Film Death:[edit | edit source]

  • Nurse.Fighter.Boy (2008) [Horace]: Dies in a hospital. I haven't seen this film and don't know the details but the plot summary and theatrical trailer confirm his demise.

Television Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (1996 TV mini-series) [His Divine Shadow]: See information below. The first season of Lexx was the mini-series made into smaller episodes.
  • Lexx: I Worship his Shadow (1997) [His Dying Shadow / His Divine Shadow (voice)]: Dies of old age /natural causes after he transfers his consciousness into his new host (Lex Gigeroff ). His brain is then removed and placed into a pod where it can be kept alive and cerebrating.
  • Lexx: Giga Shadow (1997) [His Divine Shadow (voice)]: Destroyed by Michael McManus after a battle between the two when Brian Downey and Eva Habermann distract the shadow being by destroying the brains of the other Divine Pedecessors that were stored on the Lexx. Walter only provided the voice for Lex Gigeroff who had assumed the role after Walter's physical body had passed on in the previous episode.
  • Lexx: Woz (1999) [The Wozzard]: In this episode that was loosely based on The Wizard of Oz Walter commits suicide by detonating a bomb he had strapped to him to kill the Dark Lady (Lenore Zann) when the bomb disintegrated the complex they were in.
  • Lexx: Yo Way Yo (2002) [Dr. Ernst Longbore]: Burned to death on the launching pad of his spaceship 'The Noah' when Rolf Kanies pushes his wheelchair away from the man lift so that he and Patricia Zentilli could take his place on the ship shortly before the Earth is destroyed. This scene was a parody of John Hoyt's 1951 death scene in When Worlds Collide.
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