Vondie curtis-hall

Vondie Curtis-Hall a few moments before his death in Die Hard 2.

DIE HARD 2 Boom!

DIE HARD 2 Boom!


Vondie Curtis-Hall (1956 - )

Film Deaths

  • Eve's Bayou (1997) [Julian Grayraven]: Killed in either a car crash or is shot dead in a lovers quarrel flashback (It's been a long time since I last saw this movie so my memory is vague).
  • Turn it Up (2000) [Cliff]: Mortally wounded (along with Ja Rule) by either Jason Statham and/or one of his cohorts via gun shot during a shootout in a recording studio between Jason’s cohorts and Ja Rule. He dies after his son (Pras) discovers Vondie has been hit and tries to save him.

TV Deaths

  • Sirens (1999 TV) [Vincent Morgan]: Shot dead by Keith Carradine or one of his fellow corrupt cops who then make it look like self-defense (though I’ve yet to see this I’m aware of the storyline and the facts).
  • Fear Itself: Chance (2008) [Walter Markham]: Bludgeoned to death (having had his fingers cut off with broken mirror glass) with a silver handled cane by a possessed Ethan Embry at the end of a struggle. His body is later seen as Ethan rolls it up in carpet and throws it into a dumpster.
  • NYC 22: Self Cleaning Oven (2012) [Fred Wheeler]: Shoots himself under the chin after a standoff with Terry Kinney, much to the horror of Terry and Yvonna Kopacz Wright (who he was holding hostage).

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