Vladimir Sokoloff in West of Shanghai

Vladimir Sokoloff (1889 - 1962)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Conquest (1937) [Dying Soldier]: Presumably fatally wounded on the battlefield. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but the IMDB's identification of his character seems to give away his fate.)
  • West of Shanghai (War Lord) (1937) [General Chow Fu-Shan]: Stabbed in the back by an assassin in his train compartment when the lights go out; his body is shown afterwards when the lights come back on.
  • Back to Bataan (1945) [Señor Buenaventura J. Bello]: Hanged by Japanese soldiers on a flagpole.
  • Monster From Green Hell (1956) [Lorentz]: Killed (off-screen) by one of the mutated wasps.

TV Deaths Edit

None known.


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