Vittorio Gassman (1922 - 2000)


Vittorio Gassman in Sharky's Machine

Film DeathsEdit

  • Bitter Rice (Riso amaro) (1949) [Walter]: Shot to death by Silvana Mangano (after already being wounded by Doris Dowling). (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Anna (1951) [Vittorio]: Shot in the chest by Raf Vallone, just as Vittorio is about to shoot Raf. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • The Great War (La Grande guerra) (1959) [Giovanni Busacca]: Executed by a firing squad of Austrian soldiers; the shooting is shown from a distance, and his body is shown afterwards (alongside Alberto Sordi's). (Thanks to Andrea)
  • La Tosca (1973) [Baron Scarpia]: Stabbed in the back by Monica Vitti.
  • Quintet (1979) [Saint Christopher]: Killed in an avalanche while hunting Paul Newman through the snow; his body is shown afterwards when Paul discovers him.
  • The Nude Bomb (Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb; The Return of Maxwell Smart) (1980) [Sauvage/Sieeve]: Playing a dual role, one Vittorio is impaled on spikes after his chair goes through a window, and the other is killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Sharky's Machine (1981) [Victor]: Shot in the back by Henry Silva. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Count Tacchia (Il conte Tacchia) (1982) [Prince Torquato Terenzi]: Dies of old age/natural causes.

TV DeathsEdit

None known.

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