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Virtuosity (1995)

Director: Brett Leonard

Plot Summary[]

A virtual-reality serial killer manages to escape into the real world. The film takes place in Los Angeles, 1999, where Virtual Reality is used for not only personal usage but for law enforcement as well. LETAC (Law Enforcement Technological Advancement Center) is now the new update on fighting crime. Darryl Lindemeyer, the head scientist whom founded LETAC, decides to use convicts as guinea pigs to test the system to ensure its safety.

However, ex cop Parker Barnes, whom lost his wife and daughter when a domestic terrorist, Matthew Grimes, killed them with an explosive, with Parker losing an arm and killed him in revenge, is the prime candidate, along with his friend, John Donovan. They track down SID 6.7, an artificial intelligence who's a compilation of 180 infamous serial killers, at a sushi restaurant.

Sid successfully kills Donovan and wounds Parker, whom barely escapes the VR system. Donovan dies due to shock and an epileptic seizure, with Parker mourning the loss of his friend. Police Commissioner Elizabeth Deane wants the VR system to be shutdown till further notice having seen what has happened and LETAC Co-founder William Wallace agrees with her, but Parker thinks that someone shut off the safety features on the VR, and suspects Lindemeyer.

Later on, at the State Penitentiary, Parker meets Criminal Psychiatrist Madison Carter, after Parker got into a fight with a convict, blaming Parker for killing Donovan, and tells her his life story: no matter how hard he tries, no matter what he does, he'll never get over the loss of his family, nor will he be released from prison until the next 20 years.

At LETAC, Sid admits that he killed Donovan and shut off the safety features to know what it's like to kill a real person and not an artificial creation. He tells Lindemeyer he wants to be free to walk out into the real world, and vows that he will never be shut down. He helps Lindemeyer trick company employee Clyde Reilly to create an artificial synthetic version of Reilly's personal creation, Sheila 3.2, while Lindemeyer switched her software module with that of Sid's.

A few minutes later, a naked Sid rises out of a pool of synthetic fluid, where he kills Reilly, takes his clothes, and escapes LETAC. Lindemeyer goes on the run, while being fascinated by Sid's destructive methods. Commissioner Deane, Wallace, and Parker's friend Police Chief Billy Cochran, tell him that he will be offered a pardon if he captures Sid, but if he doesn't, he'll end up right back in prison, and given a locater implant at the base of his skull to track his every move.

Madison decides to go with Parker to study Sid's violent and psychological behavior. Sid kills a woman, her husband, and 2 Police officers by decapitating them and writing "Death To The Pigs" on the wall in blood. After arriving at the crime scene, Madison says it's Charles Manson, prompting her to realize Sid is copycatting. Sid then gets a new set of clothes, arms himself, and begins his taste for more mayhem. While taking her home, Madison's daughter, Karin, becomes friends with Parker, forming a father/daughter relationship.

After hearing on the police radio that Sid has taken hostages at the club called the Media Zone, they rush out to intercept him. Sid forces the hostages to scream as loud as they could as if though they were an orchestra, with the assumption he plans to kill them, but Parker shows up and fires 12 rounds into Sid, causing him to bleed synthetic fluid, where he must consume glass molecules to survive.

He escapes again, frustrating both Parker and his superiors, but Parker theorizes that Sid wants to be famous like Matthew Grimes, who's a part of Sid's programming. They realize he's on his way to the Olympic Stadium, where he plans to kill a young woman on live TV during the UFC championship, but fails, has his hand blown off by a security guard with a shotgun and escapes.

He takes a woman hostage on a subway platform, forcing Parker to shoot her, but claims he missed the shot, as it was Sid who killed the woman. Parker is arrested and placed in the back of a prison transfer vehicle to finish the remainder of his sentence. Sid kills the guards and frees Parker, telling him that "the game is not over yet." Sid even tells Parker that the locater implant contains a neurotoxin that will be activated if he escapes. When Cochran hears this from Madison, he destroys the computer consul that would kill Parker.

Madison then meets Parker at his family's grave, where Sid used his guilt to get to him like in VR, and he even learns that Sid is on his way to a TV studio downtown, taking the staff and directors hostage. Just then, Madison is horrified to learn that Sid has taken her daughter, with a bomb strapped to her in an unknown location. Parker then promises Madison he'll find her daughter and stop Sid no matter what. Meanwhile, Sid plans to kill a hostage on live TV, as well as giving a speech about Mankind's flaws, until Parker fires at Sid, giving chase on the roof, where they get into a fight.

During the fight, Sid taunts Parker by telling him that saving Karin won't bring his family back, with both men falling off the roof, as Parker ties a rope around his waist, throwing Sid through a plate glass window, cutting him to pieces. Lindemeyer is taken by Madison after coming out of hiding, telling Parker he may have destroyed Sid, but lost any chance of finding Karin.

With Cochran's help, they trick Sid into thinking he's in the real world by using the VR system, to confess where he's hiding Karin, and they succeed by finding out she's in an AC vent. Sid, discovering the ruse, becomes infuriated and plans to kill Parker the same way Donovan died. Seeing this an opportunity for revenge, Lindemeyer kills Cochran by beating him to death with a crowbar, and watches as Sid slowly tortures Parker to death. However, Madison gets the upper hand, shoots and kills Lindemeyer, and frees Parker from the VR. They find Karin in the AC vent, where Parker carefully deactivates the bomb, and saves everyone, having redeemed himself for his past mistakes. Madison thanks him for everything, while Parker destroys Sid's computer module, finally free for the first time.

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