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Vinnie Jones in The Condemned

Vinnie Jones (1965 -)

Former professional footballer

Film Deaths[]

  • Snatch (2000) [Bullet Tooth Tony]: Accidentally shot to death by Dennis Farina, who had been aiming for a dog. Although we do not see Vinnie's body, it is clear from Dennis' reaction what has happened.
  • Swordfish (2001) [Marco]: Killed in an explosion when he falls from the bus (suspended from a helicopter) while holding onto a man with a bomb strapped to his body.
  • Blast (2004) [Michael Kittridge]: I don't remember the details but seem to vaguely recall him getting blown up at the very end.
  • Slipstream (2005) [Winston Briggs]: Killed several times, but is always brought back by Sean Astin's reversing time.
  • Submerged (2005) [Henry]: Shot and falls to his death (striking various structures on the way down) during a shootout in an opera house (his body is later seen when Steven Seagal sees onlookers surrounding him).
  • Played (2006) [Detective Brice]: Shot in the back of the head by Gabriel Byrne.
  • The Condemned (2007) [McStarley]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Steve Austin.
  • Hell Ride (2008) [Billy Wings]: Burned to death when Larry Bishop douses him with gasoline and sets him on fire, on top of having shot Vinnie with a speargun and slashing his throat.
  • Midnight Meat Train (2008) [Mahogany]: Impaled through the back of the mouth after being impaled through the neck with broken skeletal bones by Bradley Cooper at the end of a struggle.
  • Smokin' Aces 2: Assassin's Ball (2010) [Finbar McTeague]: Shot and killed during a large shootout in a bar.
  • Cross (2011) [Gunnar]: Disintegrated by Brian Austin Green in the final fight of the film.
  • Kill the Irishman (2011) [Keith Riston]: Shot in the chest with a shotgun by Robert Davi.
  • Blood Out (2011) [Zed]: Shot to death as he was about to kill Luke Goss.
  • You May Not Kiss the Bride (2011) [Brick]: Head bashed on some ocean rocks after being shot in the back by Katharine McPhee as he is about to shoot Dave Annable, during a fight. He then grabs Dave (who survives) as he falls off a cliff into the ocean in a failed effort to drown him (played for black comic effect). His body is later seen lying on said rocks when Katarine looks down and sees him.
  • Hijacked (2012) [Joe Ballard]: Shot in the back by Ashley Cusato.
  • Fire with Fire (2012) [Boyd]: Head smashed against a dumpster rail at the end of a struggle with Josh Duhamel. His body later seen when Bruce Willis discovers him.
  • Escape Plan (2013) [Head Guard Drake]: Skull crushed and neck snapped when knock a metal flight of stairs at the end of a struggle with Sylvester Stallone, he dies when Stallone looks down and sees him bleeding out (with his body later seen when Jim Caviezel discovers him).
  • Extraction (2013) [Ivan Rudovsky]: Shot in the chest with a sniper rifle by Falk Hentschel.
  • Absolution (Mercenary: Absolution) (2015) [The Boss]: Impaled through the back on a pole, after Steven Seagal kicks him through a glass balcony at the end of a fight.
  • Gridlocked (2015) [Ryker]: Killed in an explosion after Dominic Purcell puts a grenade in Vinnie's vest, at the end of a struggle with Dominic in a room.
  • A Perfect Vacation (Awaken, Left To Die) (2015) [Sarge]: Stabbed in the leg and chest with his own knife at the end of a fight with Daz Crawford, who pulls the knife form his own fatal wound.
  • Toxin (The Enforcer) (2015) [Renner]: Shot by Wiley M. Pickett's men, when Taylor Handley pushes Vinnie out in his place, knowing that they intend to shoot on sight.
  • The Bloody Trap (2015) [Big John]: Shot in the head by Costas Mandylor.
  • The Midnight Man (2016) [Pearl]: Stabbed in the neck when Will Kemp grabs her throat with a nail sticking through his hand. 
  • Madness in the Method (2019) [Vinnie]: Accidentally blows himself up after Vinnie attempts to kick a firework at Jason Mewes
  • The Big Ugly (2020) [Neelyn]: Presumably dies (off-screen) after being in mid-range of a shoot out, as Vinnie is fatally injured after being shot by Bruce McGill. We only hear gunshots, implying his fate. 

Television Deaths[]