Vinessa Shaw (1976 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • The Weight of Water (2000) [Anethe Christenson]: Hit on the head with an axe by Sarah Polley outside the farmhouse; Sarah then drags her body into the house. Her body is shown afterwards (along with Katrin Cartlidge's) when Anders W. Berthelsen discovers them at the beginning of the movie; the murder itself is finally shown in a flashback towards the end. (There is also a black & white sequence during Sarah's testimony, depicting the murders as being committed by Ciaran Hinds.) (Thanks to Palepoli)
  • Stag Night (2008) [Brita]: Mortally wound with a spear by one of the "Tunnel rats". She dies in Kip Pardue´s arms.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Fallen Angels: The Quiet Room (1993) [Jeannie Streeter]: Neck accidentally snapped (off-screen) during a struggle with Bonnie Bedelia in the interrogation room. Nothing is known of the struggle; we only hear Bonnie telling Joe Mantegna about the incident afterwards. Her body is later shown in the morgue when Bonnie and Joe go to fill out the paperwork.
  • Ray Donovan: The Captain (2014) [Kate McPherson]: Shot in the chest first, then in the head off-camera (to ensure she's dead,even though she looked instantly dead after the chest shot) by Steven Bauer in her living room.

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