Vincnet Regan

Vincent Regan in '300'

Vincent Regan (1965-)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Hard Men (1996) [Tone]: Killed by gangsters.
  • Black Knight (2001) [Percival, Leo's Chief Henchman]: Shot in the back with an arrow by Tom Wilkinson as he is about to stab Martin Lawrence, he then falls off a castle battlements landing on a shack.
  • The Point Men (2001) [Amar Kamil/Kamil’s double]: Playing a dual role; Kamil’s double is shot to death by a Mossad assassin as Christopher Lambert looks on helplessly. Amar is shot repeatedly by Lambert when Vincent suddenly opens fire.
  • 300 (2006) [Captain]: Stabbed to death by the Persian army in the films climatic battle.
  • The Big I Am (2010) [Barber]: Killed by Michael Madsen or one of his cohorts

TV DeathsEdit

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