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006FRW Vincent Gale 006

Vincent Gale just before his death in Firewall

Vincent Gale (1968 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time '(2001; anime) [Menomaru (English Version)]: Disintegrated after Richard Ian Cox strikes him with the Backlash Wave with the help of Moneca Stori.
  • The Final Cut (2004) [Simon]: Killed by one of James Caviezel’s cohorts
  • Firewall (2006) [Willy]: Shot in the neck by Paul Bettany as Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen look on in shock. His body is later seen in a garage when Jimmy Bennett and Carly Schroeder discover him.
  • Alien Trespass (2009) [Stiles]: Consumed by the alien monster (Jovan Nenadic) as he was calling in a report on his police radio. The camera cuts to the police HQ radio when the monster attacks and we hear Vincent screaming over the device.

Television Deaths[]