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Victor French in Chato's Land

Victor French (1934 - 1989)

Deaths in Film[]

Deaths in Television[]

  • Batman: A Death Worse Than Fate (1966) [Hood no.1]: Accidentally shot by William Phipps (who he accidentally shoots as well) in a crossfire trap that had been set for Adam West and Burt Ward .
  • Gunsmoke: Wishbone (1966) [Travers]: Shot dead in a shoot-out with James Arness as he tries to get him to unbuckle the gunbelt.
  • Gunsmoke: Saturday Night (1967) [C K Ross]: He breaks William Watson out of jail but as he tries to ride away he is shot by James Arness. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Gunsmoke: Vengeance: Part 2 (1967) [Eben Luken]: Shot in the back along with Royal Dano on the street as they tried to run away by James Stacy after they had severely beaten Kim Darby.
  • Gunsmoke: O'Quillan (1968) [Clay Tynan]: A trail boss, he rides into town with a group of his drovers to kill John McLiam in revenge for killing his brother. The drunken McLiam is in the street with James Arness and goes for his gun. French pulls his own gun and wounds McLiam but is then shot dead by Arness. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Mission: Impossible: Trial by Fury (1968) [Leduc]: Stabbed in the back by Sid Haig.
  • Gunsmoke: Trafton (1971) [Trafton]: Shot dead by James Arness in a shootout in Dodge. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Mission: Impossible: The Tram (1971) [Vic Hatcher]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with his fellow syndicate members.
  • Gunsmoke: The Tarnished Badge (1974) [Sheriff Bo Harker]: Shot by Pamela McMyler as Victor is about to shoot James Arness.

Notable Connections[]

Son of Ted French

Ex-Mr. Julie Cobb