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Vic Perrin Just before his death in Wagon Train: The Juan Ortega Story

Vic Perrin Dead in Wagon Train: The Juan Ortega Story

Vic Perrin (1916 - 1989)

Prolific voice over artist (most notably the Control Voice on The Outer Limits)

Film Deaths:[]

None Known.

Television Deaths:[]

  • Wagon Train: The Juan Ortega Story (1958) [Tuck Edwards]: Hanged (off-screen) by Dean Stockwell in revenge for Vic being part of the group that lynched his father. His feet are shown when Robert Horton, Ward Bond and Larry J. Blake find him.
  • Black Saddle: Client: Braun (1959) [Ernie Weems]; Shot in the back BY Barton MacLane, whom he has just shot and thinks dead. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Jonny Quest: Mystery of the Lizardmen (1964; animated) [Roberts / Search Plane Pilot / Junior / Frogman Leader / Miguel]: "Miguel" is killed by the frogmen onboard his boat while speaking to the coast guard, the Frogman Leader is killed in explosion while on his ship when his laser was reflected back to him. Search Plane Pilot, Roberts, and Junior lives!
  • Jonny Quest: The Curse of Anubis (1964; animated) [Dr. Hamid Kareem / Kidnapper 1]: Providing the voice for that episodes, Kidnapper 1 falls to his death along with Kidnapper 2 (John Stephenson) when they drive their jeep on an beam. And the main villain Dr. Hamid Kareem is crushed to death after the mummy that was searching for the stolen mask of Anubis had caught up with him in a cave where they were both covered in a cave in.
  • Jonny Quest: Calcutta Adventure (1964; animated) [Kronick]: Buried by avalanche along with some of his gas mask goons.
  • Rawhide: Prairie Fire (1965) [Vinnie Pitts]: Shot to death by Michael Conrad as Vic was about to murder Paul Brinegar.
  • The F.B.I.: Anatomy of a Prison Break (1966) [Joseph Kowalchek]: Stabbed in the chest with a file-down toothbrush by Joseph Campanella. Dies shortly after telling Austin Willis about a prison breakout.
  • Space Ghost: The Space Piranhas (1966; animated) [Piranor]: Providing the voice of an alien, he was eaten by his space piranhas (off-screen) when they chase him in his ship.
  • The F.B.I.: The Gold Card (1967) [Frankie Denton]: Shot to death by Larry Gates.
  • Mannix: Skid Marks on a Dry Run (1967) [Tony]: Shot to death by Joseph Campanella.
  • Star Trek: The Changeling (1967) [Nomad's Voice]: Providing the voice of a sentient robotoid whose programming was corrupted when it merged with an alien probe. It self destructs when William Shatner convinces the machine that it is imperfect and must exterminate itself. While the device is trying to analyze this conundrum the crew of the Enterprise beam it into space before it explodes.
  • Scooby Doo, Where are you: Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too (1969; animated) [Dr. Najib]: Turn into stone (offscreen) by the Mummy of Ankha (John Stephenson), is stone body is discovered by Fred (Frank Welker) and Daphne (Stefanianna Christopherson), however it turns out to be a stone statue of him and pretended to be the mummy in attempt to steal ancient Egyptian coin to unlock the ancient treasure.
  • The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible: Daniel and the Lion's Den (1985; animated) [Governor Aldreth]: Presumably devoured along with Governor Abeeza (voice of Alan Oppenheimer) (off-screen) by lions.