ViVi Sterling (19?? - )

aka Vivi Sterling

One of the original Suicide Girls

Film Deaths Edit

  • Sweatshop (2009) [Brandy]: While she is being chased by ghouls in a dark abandoned warehouse, ViVi suddenly runs out in front of Michael Gingold, who had also been chased by ghouls while investigating the warehouse as its security guard. Frightened and thinking ViVi is a ghoul, Michael empties the entire magazine of his handgun into her in a panic. He shoots her many times in the chest and fires his final bullet into her forehead, blowing off the very top of her head and exposing her brain. After examining her body and realizing his mistake, Michael flees the warehouse. The ghouls then show ViVi's body to Jeremy Sumrall, who drags it away. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear)
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