Veronica Lazar in 'Last Tango in Paris'

Veronica Lazar (1938 - 2014)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Last Tango in Paris (Ultimo tango a Parigi) (1972) [Rosa]: Commits suicide by slashing her wrists (off-screen). Her body is shown lying in her coffin as Marlon Brando sits beside her and talks to her before the funeral.
  • Inferno (1980) [The Nurse/Mater Tenebrarum]: Dies after the building she is in burns down causing debris to crush her. 
  • The Beyond (E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldida; Seven Doors of Death) (1981) [Martha]: Impaled through the back of the head and through the eye when a zombie pushes her head against a nail in the wall.

TV Deaths:Edit

None known

Noteworthy Connections:Edit

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