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Vernon Wells in Commando

Vernon Wells (1945 - )

not to be confused with the Athlete (baseball player) of the same name.

Deaths in Film[]

  • The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) (1981) [Wez]: Killed when Mel Gibson deliberately crashes the tanker into Kjell Nilsson's truck while Vernon is hanging onto the hood of the tanker.
  • Commando (1985) [Simon Bennett]: Impaled through the chest when Arnold Schwarzenegger throws a segment of pipe at him while Vernon is standing in front of the boiler. (Thanks to Tal)
  • Innerspace (1987) [Mr. Igoe]: Dissolved/digested by Martin Short's stomach acids at the end of a fight with Dennis Quaid, while they're both miniaturized inside Martin's body. (Thanks to Drew)
  • Undeclared War (Sheng zhan feng yun) (1990) [Hannibal]: Blown up by a grenade when it is placed down his shirt by Peter Liapis after a fight with him handcuffed to a stage overhang.
  • Fortress (1992) [Maddox ]: Has a hole blown into his stomach by a turret blast. 
  • Sexual Response (1992) [Philip]: Impaled through the back when he's knocked against a sculpture at the end of a struggle with Emile Levisetti.
  • The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (2010; animated) [The Network Head]: Gets impaled on a spike by I.S.R.A.E.L. (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and hit on the head by Bamm-Bamm, but drops the detonator to the eraser bombs strapped to him. The Jew Producer (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) and Suck My Taint Girl (voiced by Cree Summer) fight over the detonator, only to accidentally set it, causing themselves, the Make-A-Point Wizard (also voiced by James Arnold Taylor), the Network Head, and everyone else in Make-A-Point Land to get erased.
  • Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015) [Marcus]: Has half of face burnt off when a dinosaur hiding in the backseat of a car spits some sort of toxic/acid liquid on him. The dinosaur also mauls him as he is dying.
  • Jurassic City (2015) [Agent LaFranco]: Blown up with a grenade launcher by Jack Forcinito.

TV Deaths[]

  • Fortress (1985 TV) [Dabby Duck]: Beaten to death with rock and stabbed to death sticks by Rachel Ward and her students in a cave.
  • Hunter: War Zone (1986) [Sonny Zajak]: Hit by a car driven by Fred Dryer while firing a machine gun at him.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) [Task Force 29 Director Jim Miller]: Is forced to ingest poison by augmented terrorists while attempting to prevent an assassination attempt. It should be noted that Vernon's death is optional and he could be saved if the player chose to retrieve an antidote earlier in the game.