Crossing the Rubicon Blackarachnia dead

Venus Terzo's animated death in "Beast Wars: Crossing the Rubicon"

Venus Terzo (1967 - )

Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • Moment of Truth: Into the Arms of Danger (1997) [Adrian]: Bludgeoned to death after Ricky Paull Goldin punches her during an argument as Chandra West watches in horror.
  • Beast Wars: Transformers; Crossing the Rubicon (1999; animated) [Blackarachnia]: Terminated by a program planted in her system by Tarantulas (Alec Willows) while Rhinox (Richard Newman) tries to to fix her, with Silverbolt (Scott McNeil ) watching in grief. She is resurrected as a Transmetal 2 by the Transmetal driver.
  • Newlywed and Dead (2016) [Barbara Morgan]: Killed during an argument with Christopher Russell when he strikes her and causes her to fall through a glass coffee table.


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