Vanessa Evigan in Sand Sharks


Vanessa Evigan (right) being dragged by Corin Nemec after being bitten in half in Sand Sharks


Vanessa Evigan (left) dying with Corin Nemec in Sand Sharks


Vanessa Evigan (left) dead with Corin Nemec in Sand Sharks

Vanessa Evigan (1981 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Sand Sharks (2012) [Brenda Stone]: Lower half bitten off by a shark living in the sand. She is then dragged to her squad car by Corin Nemec, trailing blood and entrails behind her, where she dies in his arms.
  • I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016) [Rebecca Holden] Accidentally struck by a car.
  • Babynapped (Born and Missing/The Perfect Baby(2017) [Ashley Thompson]: Crashes her car while feeling the effects of being poisoned with antifreeze by Kaitlyn Black.

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