Van Heflin in Acts of Violence


Van Heflin (1910 - 1971)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Santa Fe Trail (1940) [Carl Rader]: Killed by Raymond Massey for betraying him.
  • Till the Clouds Roll by (1946) [James I. Hessler]: Dies from an illness with Robert Walker at his bedside.
  • Possessed (1947) [David Sutton]: Shot to death by Joan Crawford. (Thanks to Harry)
  • Act of Violence (1948) [Frank R. Enley]: Shot by Berry Kroeger when Van takes the bullet for Robert Ryan, dying shortly afterwards as he grabs Berry through his car window, causing Berry to crash the car as he tries to get away. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Battle Cry (1955) [Major Sam Huxley]: He is killed when an exploding shell rips open his stomach in the battle against the Japanese. He dies a minute later after Aldo Ray gets to him and props him against a tree. (Thanks to Brian
  • Airport (1970) [D.O. Guerrero]: Killed in small explosion (and remains sucked out of plane) after he suicidally sets off his own bomb in the airplane lavatory. (Thanks to Robert and Brian)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Last Child (1971 TV) [Sen. Quincy George]: Dies (off-screen) of an unspecified illness shortly after he arrived at the hospital. We learn of his death from a radio news report.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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