Valerie Cruz in Cellular

Valerie Cruz (1976 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Cellular (2004) [Dana Bayback]: Shot in the chest by William H. Macy after she fires at him first in a shoot-out in Kim Basinger's home (with him distracting her by kicking over and smashing a fish bowl); she dies shortly afterwards as William calls for paramedics, while questioning her. (The shooting-and-fall portion of the scene was done by stunt performer Danielle Burgio.) (Thanks to Neil)
  • The Devil's Tomb (2009) [Elissa Cardell]: Presumably killed in an explosion/burned and or crushed to death when the dig side collapses after Cuba Gooding, Jr. seals the tomb in order to prevent the possessed workers from escaping, while she sacrifices herself to free her father(Ron Perlman)'s soul

Television DeathsEdit


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