Valeria Cavalli (1959 -)


Valeria Cavalli in A Blade in the Dark.

a.k.a. Valerie Jones

Male Deaths Edit

  • A Blade in the Dark (La Casa con la scala nel buio; House of the Dark Stairway) (1983) [Katia]: Slashed to death with a unity knife by Michele Soavi, followed by a lengthy sequeance of her body being dragged up the stairs and out into the woods.
  • The New Gladiators (I Guerrieri dell’anno 2072; Fighting Centurions; Rome, 2072 AD) (1984) [Susan]: Fatally wounded (off-screen) by a group of hired killers; she dies shorty after Jared Martin arrives. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (La Terza madre) (2007) [Marta Colussi]: Stabbed to death by Clive Riche. (Thanks to Francesco)
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