• Jashon Cuyler12

    Chris Brian

    September 2, 2019 by Jashon Cuyler12

    Robots (2005; animated) "[ Madame's Worker/Dog] : Madame worker is Killed by Rodney Ewan McGregor and All Team in butt whoppin. fight.Madame worker beaten to death by fender Robin Williams.(The Dog Survived)

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  • Jashon Cuyler12

    J Miller

    March 3, 2019 by Jashon Cuyler12
    • Dead Weed (2019) flipchip ["evil J Miller,J Miller"]:Playing tiwn bothers "evil J Miller" Fall to his Death in Lava after Chirs kick Miller out after he try kill Kevin.J Miller survives.
    • Day of Zombies (2019)[Devin,Cat In The Hat,Zombie Devin] : Devin are eaten by zombies."Cat In the Cat" shot to death by Zack."Zombie Devin" Burned to death in building when Zack set a bomb.
    • Super Wars (2019)[Gazeem,Vitor,Driver] : Gazeem shot in the chest by Vitor after he try to stabb vitor.(Vitor and Driver was Survives.)
    • Cave of Men (2019)[Rage Jr,Villager,Elmo,Kevin] :first Villager fall to his death after Rage give him a Big Watermelon."Elmo" Killed an explosion after Rage give him dynamite.Villager killed an explosion after Rage gives a chicken inside th…
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  • Jashon Cuyler12

    Malcolm David Kelley

    February 23, 2019 by Jashon Cuyler12

    Malcolm David Kelley (1992)

    • You Got Served (2004)["Lil Saint"]:Shot To Death (off screen) by bad gang after drive with gang.We Learn of His Death from doctor (Dorien Wilson).
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