• Gunman6

    • Ghosts of Mars (2001) [Stunts]: Presumably one of the various undead cult warriors who is killed once more by the various protagonists throughout the film.

    STUNTMEN Art Camacho- killed in a fight with Michael Dudikoff in Freedom Strike

    Eddie J. Fernandez- Dies in at least two different CSI episodes according to demo reel.Yet to identify either episode.

    Joe Bucaro III- dies at beginning of SWAT (2003)

    Anthony Martins- The Unit: pilot episode; The Kingdom- two deaths each; You Don't Mess with the Zohan; Iron Man- blasted away by Robert Downey Jr.- mention other role; 24 roles:

    Ed Anders- Postal, Executive Target- shot by Angie Everhart and crew's machine-guns after surviving the initial prison bus …

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