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Flora Fernandez playing a death scuba girl in El Arrecife de los Alacranes (1995)

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My favorite pages[]


  • Diane Hetfield - Her screams when attacked by Jaws in Jaws IV;
  • Gloria Guida - Because of her performance in The Bermuda Triangle;
  • Elena Nathanail - Quite simply, because she hot and sexy;
  • Jennifer Grey - For getting shot in the chest by the strafing fire from a helicopter in The Red Dawn (1984);
  • Anica Dobra - For getting shot while she is wearing a nice Moncler Verneuil down jacket;
  • Maggie Cooper - For her long agony and brutal death in I Alone Survive (1978);
  • Saori Seto - Because Rachael Foley is so sexy... 
  • Heather Lind - Need to see this movie;
  • Gretchen Becker - She dies wearing a Body Glove swimsuit in L.A. Heat (1989);
  • Terra Vnesa - "I would have survived if they were not having any weapons" Terra said on Twitter. Yeah right...;
  • Amelia Jackson-Gray - Another gorgeous wetsuited dead;


Underestimated actors & actress playing an insignificant role

  • Vivienne Chandler - Her only scene was cut in the original movie; 
  • Diana Davidson - She lives for a minute at the movie opening only to get shot by a sniper;
  • Jean London - Her character of Kim Luval will be one of the only three roles of her short career;
  • Dianne Stanley - She don't say a line and die at the begging of one the greatest sci-fi movie;
  • Claudia Lance - Her only movie. She walks, gets shot and dies without saying a word. I love the sexy down jacket however;
  • Kerri Draper - Another good looking down jacket chick acting stupid in some dark unknown B movie;
  • Anastasia Moody - Rebel Scum!