UDO Kier

Udo Kier in Andy Warhol's Frankenstein

Udo Kier (1944 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Andy Warhol's Dracula (Blood for Dracula) (1974) [Count Dracula]: Stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake by Joe Dallesandro, after Joe chops off Udo's arms and legs. Milena Vukotic then throws herself onto the stake to join Udo in death.
  • 100 Jahre Adolf Hitler – Die letzte Stunde im Führerbunker (1989) [Adolf Hitler]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head in the bunker.
  • Prince Valiant (1997) [Sligon]: Impaled through the back on the sword Excalibur when he's knocked into it at the end of a struggle with Thomas Kretschmann; Thomas then pulls the sword out of Udo's body while drawing it out of the stone floor.
  • Blade (1998) [Vampire Elder Dragonetti]: Burned to death by sunlight, after Stephen Dorff tears out Udo's fangs and leaves him in the sun to die. 
  • Critical Mass (2000) [Samson]: Killed when he drives his truck off the cliff while pushing a prison bus.
  • Dracula 3000 (2004) [Captain Varna]: Dies off-screen after sealing himself in the control room to escape the vampires, several years before the story begins; his mummified body is shown when the salvage crew discovers him, and the living Udo is only seen in video recordings from his log. (T
  • The Mother of Tears (La Terza madre; The Third Mother) (2007) [Father Johannes]: Stabbed and hacked to death by Barbara Mautino.
  • Far Cry (2008) [Dr. Lucas Krieger]: Possibly killed (off-screen) by the "super-soldiers"; we last see Udo standing on the dock after discovering that his escape boat has been taken, while a super-soldier approaches him. Although his fate appears open-ended in the film itself, director Uwe Boll remarks on the US DVD's commentary: "So Udo is dead now."
  • Melancholia (2011) [Wedding Planner]: Killed, along with everybody else in the world, when the planet Melancholia collides with Earth. 

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2000) [Yuri]: During the game's Soviet campaign, Udo is revealed to be a traitor in the second-to-last mission, and he physically dies in the Kremlin when the player destroys the building. Udo survives in the game's Allied campaign.
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (2001) [Yuri]: In the conclusion of the game's Soviet campaign, Udo is eaten by a T-Rex after the Soviets overload his time-machine in order to send him to prehistoric times. Udo lives in captivity in the game's Allied campaign.


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