Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus

Tyler Posey (1991 - )

Singer and bassist with the group Lost in Kostko

Film DeathsEdit

  • Yoga Hosers (2016) [Gordon Greenleaf]: Dies after one of the Kevin Smith Bratzi's goes into his rectum and kills him by breaking his neck on the way up.
  • Truth or Dare (2018): [Lucas Moreno]: Commits suicide by sliting his own throat with a knife after stabbing Landon Liboiron to death and having refused his dare to kill either Lucy Hale or Violett Beane. The demon Calax possesses him and has him slit his own throat in the Rosarito mission in front of a horrified Lucy and Violett.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Scream: Devil's Night (2019) [Shane]: Overdoses after Ghostface (Giorgia Whigham) injects him in the eye with a deadly dose of narcotics. His eye discolors, bleeds and after foaming at the moment he succumbs to convulsion. 

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Son of John Posey


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