Tye Sheridan (1996 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Forger (2014) [Will Cutter]: Dies of terminal cancer (off-screen) sometime after the film's close; it's clear in the final scene with his father (John Travolta) that they're simply trying to make the best of the time Tye has left.
  • The Yellow Birds (2017) [Daniel Murphy]: Castrated and eyes gouged out (offscreen). His body is seen when Jack O'Connell and Alden Ehrenreich find it.
  • Ready Player One (2018) [Wade Watts / Parzival]: Playing an avatar in the virtual reality "Oasis", destroyed (along with almost every other avatar) when Ben Mendelsohn detonates a "Catacylst" bomb as he tries to stop Tye winning the game. Tye's avatar is brought back to life because he uses an Extra Life coin. (Tye survives in reality).
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