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Ty Olsson (right) In X2

Ty Olsson (1974 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Godzilla (2014) [Jainway]: Killed (off-screen) by the MUTO creature. His body is one of many seen in the various body bags afterwards.
  • 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (2015) [Harris]: Stabbed in the jaw with his own knife by Dean Ambrose at the end of a struggle.
  • Life on the Line (2016) [Danny Ginner]: Electrocuted when the power line he is fixing is struck by lightning.

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Flight 93 (2006; TV movie) [Mark Bingham]: Killed in the crash of United Flight 93.
  • Behemoth (2011; TV movie) [Jack Murray]: Mortally injured when the giant behemoth monster slaps him down with one of its tentacles when it attacked him, Ed Quinn and Pascale Hutton.
  • Supernatural: Taxi Driver (2013) [Benny Lafitte]: Originally killed by Patrick Stafford after he discovered Ty was in love with Athena Karkanis and condemned to Purgatory, but was brought back to life by Jensen Ackles as part of a deal to escape Purgatory. In the episode Taxi Driver, Ty is decapitated by Jensen in order to be sent to Purgatory to aid Jared Padalecki into escaping back to Earth with Jim Beaver's spirit. His fate is left unknown as he is last seen being pinned to the ground by a group of vampires.
  • Til Death Do Us Part (2014; TV movie) [Kevin Richardson]: Stabbed in self-defense by his wife, Haylie Duff, as he and Magda Apanowicz attempt to kill her.

Video Game Deaths:Edit

  • Dead Rising 4 (2016) [Frank West]: Falls to his death when he lets go from a helicopter due to a large number of zombies clinging to him.


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