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Series Argentinas - Tumberos Trailer

Series Argentinas - Tumberos Trailer

Tumberos (2002)


Follows a lawyer sentenced to prison and his life inside an Argentinian jail.

Male DeathsEdit

Female DeathsEdit

  • Mariana Aria (Episode 1.4 Crónica de un niño solo (dream), (Episode 1.7 Una Sombra Ya Pronto Serás)
  • Belén Blanco (Episode 1.9 Lo que Vendrá)
  • Chela Cardalda (Episode 1.9 Lo que Vendrá)
  • Patricia Jacyk (Episode 1.1 Un lugar en el mundo, Episode 1.2 Deshonra, Episode 1.7 Una Sombra Ya Pronto Serás)
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