Tsunehiko Watase (1944 - 2017)

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Tsunehiko Watase in the Fall of Ako Castle

Film DeathsEdit

  • Sympathy for the Underdog (Gamblers in Okinawa; Bakuto gaijin butai) (1971) [Susumu Seki]: Machine-gunned to death by Kenji Imai after a fight then dies after driving the jeep they're in foward.
  • Withered Tree (Kogarashi Monjiro) (Cold Country Wind Monjiro) (1972) [Yakuza] Stabbed in the back with a sword by Rin'ichi Yamamoto for having sex on his boat. 
  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 3: Proxy War (Jingi naki tatakai: Dairi sensô) (1973) [Kuramoto Takeshi]: Shot to death by rival gangsters sent by Kunie Tanaka while he was about to preform a hit in a theater after Takuzo Kawatani snitched on him.
  • Father of the Kamikaze (Â kessen kôkûta) (1974) [Pilot] Kills himself by crashing his plane into the sea after the war offically ends.
  • Jeans Blues - No Future (Jinzu burusu: Asu naki buraiha) (1974) [Jiro Katagiri] Mortally stabbed by Takuzô Kawatani. He is then shot by Meiko Kaji as a mercy killing.
  • Okinawa Yakuza War (Okinawa Yakuza Senso) (1976) [Hiroshi Kategaru]: Shot to death by Mikio Narita's men off-screen just as the film's climatic boat chase ends, it's only after Hiroki Matsukata checks on him do we find out that he died as he drives the boat away.
  • Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist (Onna hissatsu godan ken) (1976) [Shuji Takagi] Possibly dies after being shot. The movie ends before he dies, but the film makes it seem like he's not going to make it. 
  • The Fall of Ako Castle (Akô-jô danzetsu) (1978) [Heihachiro Kobayashi]: Accidentally walks back onto his own katana that was stuck in a wall after a long grueling duel with Sonny Chiba whom gives the killing blow via impalement with his own katana.
  • G.I. Samurai (Sengoku jieitai; Time Slip) (1979) [Hayato Yano]: Shot to death by Sonny Chiba after going rogue.
  • Virus (Day of Resurrection; Fukkatsu no hi) (1980) [Yasuo Tatsuno]: Dies after he walks into the snow and freezes to death.
  • Death Shadow (Jitternai) (1986) [Samurai Lord]: Stabbed to death by Mariko Ishihara.
  • Andromedia (1999) [Toshihiko Hitomi]: Shot in the back while in his office.


Brother of Tetsuya Watari

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