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Trevor Goddard in Flexing with Monty

Trevor Goddard (1962 - 2003)

Film Deaths[]

  • Men of War (1994) [Keefer]: Impaled in the head through the jaw with a broken bone by Dolph Lundgren (who then finishes him off by drowning him) during the end of a fight between them.
  • Mortal Kombat (1995) [Kano]: Neck snapped by Bridgette Wilson at the end of a fight. 
  • Fast Money (1996) [Regy]: Shot repeatedly in the torso/head by Matt McCoy making him fall out of a helicopter into a stream far below.
  • Prey of the Jaguar (1996) [Damian Bandera]: Killed (presumably at the end of a fight) by Maxwell Caulfield.
  • Deep Rising (1998) [T. Ray]: Eaten by one of the creatures after it drags him underwater.
  • Legion (1998) [Cutter]: Killed by the Legion mutant alien hybrid (I think played by either Rick Springfield or Troy Donahue).
  • Hollywood Vampyr (2002) [Blood]: Presumably commits suicide by shooting himself after shooting Mark Irvingsen.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) [Grapple]: Presumably either dies (off-screen), along with Brye Cooper, of drowning or dismemberment when Orlando Bloom lifts the pirates' undead curse, sometime after Keira Knightley swung a longboat at them, causing them to fall overboard in pieces.
  • Flexing with Monty (2010) [Monty]: Poisoned when he eats a chicken pot pie prepared by Rudi Davis; he dies shortly afterwards as Rudi and Sally Kirkland kneel by his side. Sally then performs a ritual to exorcise Trevor's spirit from his penis, then later dismembers his body in the bathtub. (Note: This film began production in 1994, but was not completed and released until 2010, several years after Trevor's real-life death.)

TV Deaths[]

  • Illegal in Blue (1995) [Mickey Fuller]: Shot in the forehead with a miniature concealed pistol by Stacy Dash while they’re having sex in a hot tub.
  • Assault on Devil's Island (1997) [Fraker]: Eaten by sharks after being knocked into the ocean with a fire extinguisher by Hulk Hogan following a fight on a boat.