Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution: Dreamcatcher


Tracy Spiridakos being shot in Revolution: Dreamcatcher


Tracy Spiridakos collapsing from a gunshot wound in Revolution: Dreamcatcher


Tracy Spiridakos dead in Revolution: Dreamcatcher


Tracy Spiridakos (bottom) dead with Elizabeth Mitchell in Revolution: S#!& Happens

Tracy Spiridakos (1988 - )

TV Deaths Edit

  • Revolution: Dreamcatcher (2014) [Charlie Matheson]: Shot in the back of the head (creating an exit wound in her forehead) by Zeljko Ivanek while Zak Orth watches in horror. This is later revealed to be a vision shown to Zak by sentient nanomachines who had imprisoned him in his own mind.
  • Revolution: S#!& Happens (2014) [Charlie Matheson]: Throat slit by an unknown attacker. This is soon shown to be another character's hallucination.
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